Matthew David Cook is an American architect currently practicing at Zephyr Architects (这方建筑师事务所) in Beijing, China. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s five year Bachelor of Architecture program. After a childhood spent drawing the fantastic buildings of his hometown of Chicago, he chose to study architecture and urban design in order to work creatively with and for others on a daily basis. While Matthew loves the aesthetic puzzle of every design, it is the human element of architecture that makes the profession so appealing for him. His work has allowed him to travel often, and from Rome to Bali, from Cuba to the American South, he is most moved by traditional architecture and the story it tells about a people and their history.

Matthew's work at present is focused on the architecture of the Asia Pacific region, and this interest has yielded two long-term work experiences abroad. After graduating from Notre Dame, he spent fourteen months working at IBUKU, a bespoke bamboo design-build firm in Bali, Indonesia as one of seventeen Americans selected for the 2014 - 2015 Luce Scholars Program. He then spent two years at Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York City, working on and learning more about the fascinating process of residential development in China. Eventually, a desire to investigate by going to the source brought Matthew to Beijing.

Outside of the office, Matthew enjoys cooking for friends, doodling, and playing piano (well) and guitar (poorly). When he's sufficiently caffeinated, he can mumble his way through an office environment in French, Italian, and Indonesian. His Chinese, on the other hand, is still mostly a "听不懂" situation.

Matthew hopes that by looking to the past to generate design solutions for the future, his work will bring renewed awareness to the importance of tradition in architecture.

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